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In this section you'll find explanations for the science behind everyday things such as how popcorn pops and why shopping bags rustle!

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  • Does counting really ever stop!!
  • Did NASA invent Velcro?
  • Why do we need to wear sunscreen?
  • Why does the water in our toilet move when it's windy out?
  • Why can you eat raw fish but not raw chicken?
  • Is food a great thing?
  • What is the cotton wool? What is the best material to muffle the sound?
  • On a cold morning, if you touch a coin it will feel cold and when you touch a pencil it doesn't. Why is that so?
  • Which is heavier, water or milk?
  • Who invented the wheel?
  • How to prevent egg from breaking?
  • Why does coke fizz up like a volcano when a mint is put into it?
  • What are rulers made of besides plastic?
  • Are all shadows black in colour?
  • Are mobile phones dangerous?
  • What is time?
  • How many litres of oil does it take to make plastic bags in Ireland per week?
  • How does a thermos flask keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold?
  • Where else do scientists do experiments, aside from a laboratory?
  • How does a swimming pool stay clean when so many people swim in it a day?
  • What is your favourite Science Experiment?
  • What is the best science thing you've done?
  • What's the difference between the oil that my parents put in the car and the oil they use for cooking the dinner?
  • Why does popcorn pop?
  • How do you make a light work?

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