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About the Discover Centres Network

Discover Centre logoDPSM has a network of Discover Centres offering accredited workshops and outreach programmes for primary schools on a range of themes encompassing Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Space. The network of Centres support schools in engaging in science education outside of the classroom in a curriculum relevant and inquiry based way and provides opportunities to meet scientists and engineers from a range of disciplines. Centres include the Zoo, national parks, interpretive centres, observatories, a fab lab and aquarium. Schools can gain credit towards their Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science and Maths Awards by visiting a Centre.

Apply to join the Discover Centres Network

Centres tell us that joining the Discover Centre Network brings a range of benefits and opportunities including:

  • Networking with over 50 other organisations involved in STEM education, visiting other centres and seeing their programmes in action
  • Recognition as an accredited centre, with an SFI Discover Centre plaque to display
  • Being part of a national initiative promoting STEM, receiving updates on SFI programmes and funding.
  • Meeting with SFI Research Centres to explore possible collaboration.
  • Support and advice in a range of areas including inquiry based science education, programme evaluation and marketing.
  • Promotion, through the DPSM website and e-newsletter, which is sent to 6000+ primary schools

How to apply

Online applications are invited from organisations interested in joining the SFI Discover Centres Network. To assist you in preparing your application, view the guide, which outlines the information you will need to provide when applying online.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE MADE BY COMPLETING THE ONLINE FORM. The deadline for applications is 5pm on 31 March 2017.

If you have any queries, please contact

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Please note: DPSM has accredited the specific workshops available for DPSM schools at these centres as being suitable for the DPSM programme. Science Foundation Ireland has no responsibility whatsoever for the centres other than the accreditation of the specific workshops. It is the responsibility of each school to satisfy itself that child protection, health and safety and other arrangements, including appropriate insurance covers, at a centre meet the school's policies.