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Awakening Curiosity at The Ark, Temple Bar Dublin.

Awakening Curiosity at The Ark

Awakening Curiosity - Exploring nature, biodiversity and the world around us.
- In celebration of Dublin City of Science 2012.

This May and June, for six weeks, The Ark will be running an exhibition, combined with a series of workshops for schools, exploring biodiversity through artistic creativity. Biodiversity is the variety of life we see around us everyday: trees, flowers, insects, mammals, birds and fish. It also means you and me! Biodiversity includes the habitats or places where plants and animals live. Everything from hedgerows to woodlands, small streams to the sea, your back garden to a farmer's field, all of these habitats provide a place to live for the many plant and animal species.

Awakening Curiosity is curated by artist advisor Terry O'Farrell, scientific advisor Sinéad Begley and produced by Karen Walshe. Awaken the curiosity of your students by discovering how living things interact in their habitats; life in our gardens, our native flora, fauna, habitats and the wider world. The workshops aim to ignite a passion for nature and inspire children to investigate how biodiversity can be protected and enhanced.

Curriculum Links
The programme will cover various strands of the primary school Visual Art and Science/SESE curricula, including: Living things; Environmental awareness and care; drawing; painting; construction; working with clay, fabric and fibre. Children will also have an opportunity to use a range of skills, including observing, questioning, investigating, predicting, looking and responding.

The Awakening Curiosity workshops will link to the Visual Art Curriculum and also include aspects of the Social, Environmental and Scientific Education curriculum, such as the Living things and Environmental Awareness and Care Strands of the Science curriculum. There will be a strong focus on discovering and investigating biodiversity in our local environment.

Exhibition & Workshops
A facilitated tour of the exhibition will take you and your class on an explorative journey through The Ark building to discover fun, investigative and interactive installations. Meet the family of animatronic creatures in their interactive microsystem; experience the feeling of flying, strap on your wings, feel the wind in your feathers and take flight over the city; observe the floating world of freaky nests; create a new species of butterfly and explore the stimulating laser animation of a snail trail.

Following the facilitated tour of the exhibition, you and your class can partake in one of our creative workshops with renowned Irish artists Terry O'Farrell and Jole Bortoli. Each week, we will have a different themed workshop, giving children a chance to learn and understand biodiversity through the creative arts.

Ticket price per child: €6.50/€4.50* concessions. Participating teachers are not charged.
*Concession price is for schools serving disadvantaged areas and schools travelling from outside County Dublin.

Booking Information for Awakening Curiosity
To book, telephone our box office staff on (01) 670 77 88 or email

Please visit our website for further information about Awakening Curiosity including the programme details and timetable.

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