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Website review: Just Forests

Great Resources for Primary School Teachers:

‘Thinking Trees: Development, Trees and our Interdependent World’ is a new resource designed for primary school pupils in Ranganna 3, 4, 5 and 6 and seeks to encourage students to explore the importance of trees and of forests in our daily lives. It also stimulates children to think about some of the consequences of the loss of forests and trees and how, each of us can contribute positively to sustainable development.

We may take the trees that enhance our environment for granted but as a society we depend on wood and this has knock on effects in terms of green-house gases, biodiversity and on a global scale can lead to conflict and poverty. Good forest stewardship is vital for sustainable development and Just Forests are Ireland's longest established non-governmental development education organisation working solely on global poverty-related tropical forestry/timber issues from a local development perspective.

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