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Presented below are a selection of non-accredited outreach centres for primary schools. DPSM has also assessed and accredited specific workshops that are available in Discover Science Centres located throughout the country.

Please note: DPSM/Science Foundation Ireland has provided this list of non-accredited outreach centres for primary schools. DPSM/Science Foundation Ireland has no responsibility whatsoever for these outreach centres or their workshops. It is the responsibility of each school to satisfy itself that child protection, health and safety and other arrangements, including appropriate insurance covers, meet the school's policies.


NatureNorthWest image

NatureNorthWest caters for all nature related curriculum topics for both primary and secondary schools. Of particular relevance to the DPSM programme is our Maths and Nature programme where students get to survey contrasting areas of woodland, measure, percentage estimate, record and deliver their data in bar chart form.

Many areas of the Living Things strand are covered within the various sessions as well as some of the Maths, History and Geography sections. NatureNorthwest can deliver sessions in school, at your nearest nature area or any other habitat in your locality.

Exploration Dome

Exploration Dome image

Kids Brain

Kids Brain image

SkyDome Academy

SkyDome Academy image

Whizzkids Primary Science Programme

Whizzkids Primary Science Programme image


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Mayo Education Centre

Mayo Education Centre image

Science Ireland

Science Ireland image

Engineers Irelands’ STEPS programme

Engineers Irelands’ STEPS programme image

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland image

Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC)

Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC) image